Immigration business plan-What is it and why do you need one?


Plan for a new business

An immigration business plan is a document which is made because of the business you are buying or starting, and they include a variety of other documents which make up an entire petition and call for a foreign person to apply for a non-immigrant visa in order to live and work both in the United States of America.

E2 visa business plan

All the non- US immigrant visas are temporary in nature and all of them have an expiry and renewal date. It is the strict requirement of the U.S department of State and the United states Citizen and the immigration services for the foreign citizens and nationals to apply for E2, L1 or EB5 visa which includes a 5 year immigration business plan in order to support their request.

It is necessary that the business plan should be detailed and informative to meet all querries. It should completely analyze the situation, the competition and the local market. The financial status should include both the profit and the loss and the complete balance sheets.

Immigrants and Visas

According to the UN population confession there are about 200 million international immigrants. There are many infact half of these immigrants must be without their documents and must be illegal. There is an increasing trend of immigration lately. People are applying for speedy immigrations in order to go and experience the advantages of living in foreign countries. They also wish for citizenship in order to get secure retirement and continuous funds for their children’s education.

Almost 80 percent of the world’s immigration business plans are based on true documents and on financial aspirations. Hard working immigrants who follow the correct procedure, do complete research and do proper research are able to achieve immigration much quickly. Click here !

Traditional immigration plans and the U.S department

For traditional plans three years of planning is sufficient but for immigration business plans a five year is must. For immigration business plans you need to provide 5 year projections which include the profit and loss statements, the balance sheets and the forecasts of cash flows.

You should be able to provide the complete history of funds to the U.S department and they will tell you how much of the funds are going to be required in the future. The U.S department wishes that the non immigrants have the ability to prove themselves that whatever business or franchise they are about to start is promising, reliable and feasible. They should also be able to prove that the business they are about to start will be able to generate enough profits and will employ US workers. They want to know the kind of research which you have done and will expect that the business which you are about to start has complete chances of winning.


Not all immigration business plans require 5 years, there are some which can be done in even 3 years. An immigration business plan is entirely different from the traditional plan in the sense that an immigration business plan is more informative and the requirements for immigration business plans and traditional plans differ a lot. Visit this site for more information:


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