How To Renew Your Passport If You Live Outside Of The US

Passports are tricky things sometimes. They can expire without the owner’s knowledge, causing a bunch of problems, especially if he or she is in another country at the time of the expiration. While passport renewal is pretty much a standard procedure in the United States, there could be different policies that apply once you’re abroad. Below are some ways to renew your passport from abroad:read our latest blog post at for more details.

Renewing by Mail

It is possible to renew an expired passport by mail if your passport has expired within the last 5 years, and if you were 16 years old or older when it was issued. To do this, you will need to download and fill out the Form DS-82. After you’ve filled this out, send the form, along with 2 passport photos, the expired passport and the applicable fees to the NPPC or National Passport Processing Center.

The fees should be paid with a money order or a personal check. For safety reasons, use an envelope with a thick padding to place all requirements and it may also be a good idea to pay extra for a delivery tracking service. Should you need your passport processed quickly, there is a $60 fee to expedite the processing time.

Renewing for a Passport in Person

It is also possible to skip the mailing process and renew an expired passport in person. If you’re currently outside the U.S., you will need to go a local U.S consulate or embassy in order for you to renew your passport, not unless you are in Canada. Another thing that has to be done is to call and make an appointment with the passport acceptance facility for the passport renewal.

renew Exisiting Passport

If the new passport is needed right away, it is also possible to go to one of the regional renewal centers and make an appointment for renewal. Call the National Passport Information center (1-877-487-2778) for an appointment. Make sure that the intended departure date is at least 2 weeks away. If a visa is also required, the departure date should at least be one month away.

These are the options available to US Citizens living or traveling abroad with passport issues. In all honestly, both methods do not seem to be very difficult. This should put the passport holder’s mind at ease, knowing that it is a relatively process to get a passport renewal.

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