How To Develop an EB-5 or E-2 Visa Immigration Compliant Business Plan


Are you frightened by the idea of composing a business plan for an E2 Visa? It may be daunting, but it’s also an accepted plan if you want to get ahead. Immigration business plans can be a critical part in getting granted you Visa, and it’s not an area to slack off in. The vetting for such visas in very stringent and your business plan must stand up to the most rigorous of testing.

What do I need in an L1 Visa Business plan?

The guidelines for the EB5 business plan are laid out in all the key aspects via the Immigration Appeals Board Case, Matter of Ho. The fact is, however, that it’s simply a logical construct of the same business plan that all business owners should have in place anyway. A credible, good business plan should include several key points as per the below:

You E2 Visa Business Plan must demonstrate a clear description of the business, including service provided and what the business produces. Should it be a manufacturing or production business, you will have to clarify the procedures used, what raw materials comprise your inputs, and the places you get them from. More details in our post here:

What else goes into a business plan for E2 Visa?

Market analysis is a critical part of your L1 Visa business plan. You will need to look into competitors in your industry, strengths and weaknesses they offer, and you will need to go in-depth into the financial data. You will also need to identify and describe your target market, discuss existing business contract, terms and details. Make sure you also spend a decent amount of the business immigration plan detailing the permits, licenses and grants you may need in order to commence business.

You will also be well served by including details of your marketing strategy- details such as advertising, pricing and exact marketing channels you intend to peruse in your business immigration plan. You will also need to be sure you address issues of staff and financial data. Sales, expenses and costs, your balance sheet and cash flow as well as projection of income will be necessary. Likewise so will your personnel plan, current and future hires, pay, benefits and detailed job descriptions.

Making your immigration business plan is hard!

Yes. Creating a comprehensive E2 Visa business plan is incredibly complex and can be, as we mentioned, the make or break crux for your visa. It’s a speciality that requires a degree of expertise, and is very likely best left to a qualified professional to handle. This will become especially critical if you need bank financing or are making use of an immigration petition. Seek out a qualified and competent legal practice to help you make the best of your L1 Visa business plan.

Your EB5 business plan is a critical part of the visa application process, and it’s critical you make the right choices and include the critical information needed.


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