How Do I Prepare an Immigration Business Plan? Helpful Tips

Immigration BusinessAn Immigration Business Plan is not the same from a traditional business plan. It must provide necessary information from the important areas of your business to help an immigration officer make a positive decision in your case.

Summary of Sections and Content for Your Immigration Business Plan:

Executive Summary

This section of the business plan ought to be concise, well-written and organized, and give a general description of the background and key features of your business. The main data that must be included is nature of the business, the background of the entities involved, dates of the incorporation, the location of the operations and why they were selected, company purposes, marketing strategy, competitive benefit, expansion plans. This section must be approximately one page in length.

Background and Structure of the Business

Important business information including business charts for the US entity and entities abroad. It should show the general business structure and staffing levels for the businesses. Plan to include a list of employees directly above and below the benefactor’s division, team or department, including name, position, general duties, and responsibilities as well as educational level.

Source of Funds and Investment

Plan to include: the planned an initial investment amounts, the description of the original source of funds (profits, the sale of property or business, loans, gifts, inheritance), how the funds are transferred to the US. How the funds are invested as a list of start-up costs and confirmation of investment in physical premises to execute US operations. Start-up expenses may include rental deposit, technology, licenses, permits, equipment, furniture, and many others. It should also include a list of products/services as long as, pictures of sample products with brief descriptions, marketing tools for services.

Marketing Plan and Competitive Market Analysis

This would include your target market and plans to touch that market. Consider 2 to 5 competitors and plan your competitive advantage. Outline agreements or contracts already established and potential clients. Include samples of marketing/advertising materials for the company and website.

Financial and Staffing Plan

These should include graphs and detailed financial projections to five years and economic impact of the business. For staffing plan, should include a five-year staff cadre for the US Company with titles of planned positions and general duties and responsibilities, payment rate, education and experience required and projected recruitment time.

Key Documents to Gather

While each business plan is different, you must gather the following documents to help you:

–           Commercial lease or writing agreement for the facilities.

–           Financial statements of the foreign company during the last 3 years.

–           Current business chart of the foreign company and expected business chart of the US Company over a period of five years.

–           Purchase agreement or franchise if you buy a company.

–           Articles of organization for the entities involved.

–           Commercial licenses and necessary records so you can do business.

–           A curriculum of the applicant and important employees already hired.

–           List of capital investment, including costs, already incurred or being incurred.

–           Contracts you have with third parties.


A business plan is a vital component of both structuring a strong business and getting the visa you are applying for. An Immigration business plan simply requires general financial details, business analysis, and a strong marketing strategy. Through these, and any other essential elements, and the criteria essential by the certain visa you are applying for, your business plan acts as a key support to your general visa application.

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