EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa – A Relationship Explanation

The EB-5 business plan is a United States Visa that was created by the Immigration Act of 1990. This helps to allow foreigners who want to invest their money in the United States to obtain a green card or a United States citizenship. The individual must invest at least $500,000 in an area where there is a high unemployment rate or in a rural area. This investment must create or save at least 10 jobs for the United States work force. These 10 jobs can not include the investor or their family.

How does This Work?

With this investment as long as it approved, it will allow the investor and their dependents will be granted conditional permanent residence in the United States for two years. Within 90 days before the two year residency expires, the investor must be able to show documentation that all of his money has been paid and that it was used to create or to preserve 10 jobs in the United States work force. This program was designed to help the growth of jobs and to stimulate the economy. It also gave foreigners an opportunity to earn their United States citizenship.

How Can A Regional Center Help?

• Act as a 3rd party investor for the foreigner
• Can manage the monies and investment
• Can take on full responsibility of the jobs that are being created
• The regional center must be preapproved
• Using a center will allow the 10 job requirement to count directly or indirectly because
of their investments

Working Together

This Immigration Business Plan was designed to help the United States and foreign investors work together to help the growth and development of the United States. In 2005 they realized that there were not many investors taking advantage of this offer. In 2011 they started making changes to the program, trying to get more attention to the program by foreign investors. In August the program had their limit of applications for their fiscal year for the first time. With more investors being interested in the programming, there is more hope for the United States to help to increase the economy. This also gives hope to the investors that themselves and their dependents will soon be permanent residences of the Unites States. Giving them the opportunity to gives their families the life that they have only been dreaming of.


Working together to create a win – win situation for the US job market and the foreign investors has proven to be quite successful. As the investor obtains his green card for him and his dependents and the jobs are created or saved for the work force it appears to be a proven and effective program. As this program continues to grow more jobs will be created or saved in the United States and more foreigners will soon become citizens of the United States Of America. If you are a foreigner looking to move your family to the United States be sure to check into the EB-5 Business Plan.view more information at http://online.wsj.com/articles/investor-visas-soaked-up-by-chinese-1409095982?KEYWORDS=EB-5+Immigrant+Investor+Visa

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