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How Do I Prepare an Immigration Business Plan? Helpful Tips

An Immigration Business Plan is not the same from a traditional business plan. It must provide necessary information from the important areas of your business to help an immigration officer make a positive decision in your case. Summary of Sections and Content for Your Immigration Business Plan: Executive Summary This section of the business plan […]

What Is An Immigration Business Plan And Why Do You Need One?

Immigration laws that have now been effective for nearly 7 years require certain non-immigrant visa applications to be accompanied by an immigration business plan. This valuable document is now becoming a necessity in many countries, and as such, you must get one if you really need to visit the country. Why is this document so […]

Immigration business plan-What is it and why do you need one?

  An immigration business plan is a document which is made because of the business you are buying or starting, and they include a variety of other documents which make up an entire petition and call for a foreign person to apply for a non-immigrant visa in order to live and work both in the […]