How Do I Prepare an Immigration Business Plan? Helpful Tips

Immigration BusinessAn Immigration Business Plan is not the same from a traditional business plan. It must provide necessary information from the important areas of your business to help an immigration officer make a positive decision in your case.

Summary of Sections and Content for Your Immigration Business Plan:

Executive Summary

This section of the business plan ought to be concise, well-written and organized, and give a general description of the background and key features of your business. The main data that must be included is nature of the business, the background of the entities involved, dates of the incorporation, the location of the operations and why they were selected, company purposes, marketing strategy, competitive benefit, expansion plans. This section must be approximately one page in length.

Background and Structure of the Business

Important business information including business charts for the US entity and entities abroad. It should show the general business structure and staffing levels for the businesses. Plan to include a list of employees directly above and below the benefactor’s division, team or department, including name, position, general duties, and responsibilities as well as educational level.

Source of Funds and Investment

Plan to include: the planned an initial investment amounts, the description of the original source of funds (profits, the sale of property or business, loans, gifts, inheritance), how the funds are transferred to the US. How the funds are invested as a list of start-up costs and confirmation of investment in physical premises to execute US operations. Start-up expenses may include rental deposit, technology, licenses, permits, equipment, furniture, and many others. It should also include a list of products/services as long as, pictures of sample products with brief descriptions, marketing tools for services.

Marketing Plan and Competitive Market Analysis

This would include your target market and plans to touch that market. Consider 2 to 5 competitors and plan your competitive advantage. Outline agreements or contracts already established and potential clients. Include samples of marketing/advertising materials for the company and website.

Financial and Staffing Plan

These should include graphs and detailed financial projections to five years and economic impact of the business. For staffing plan, should include a five-year staff cadre for the US Company with titles of planned positions and general duties and responsibilities, payment rate, education and experience required and projected recruitment time.

Key Documents to Gather

While each business plan is different, you must gather the following documents to help you:

–           Commercial lease or writing agreement for the facilities.

–           Financial statements of the foreign company during the last 3 years.

–           Current business chart of the foreign company and expected business chart of the US Company over a period of five years.

–           Purchase agreement or franchise if you buy a company.

–           Articles of organization for the entities involved.

–           Commercial licenses and necessary records so you can do business.

–           A curriculum of the applicant and important employees already hired.

–           List of capital investment, including costs, already incurred or being incurred.

–           Contracts you have with third parties.


A business plan is a vital component of both structuring a strong business and getting the visa you are applying for. An Immigration business plan simply requires general financial details, business analysis, and a strong marketing strategy. Through these, and any other essential elements, and the criteria essential by the certain visa you are applying for, your business plan acts as a key support to your general visa application.

What Is An Immigration Business Plan And Why Do You Need One?

Immigration laws that have now been effective for nearly 7 years require certain non-immigrant visa applications to be accompanied by an immigration business plan. This valuable document is now becoming a necessity in many countries, and as such, you must get one if you really need to visit the country.

Why is this document so important?

An immigration business plan tells the immigration officials whether you will make a positive or negative contribution to the community. It’s filtering mechanism to avoid non-visionary individuals from crossing over to their country. This document should demonstrate your understanding of the community, local market, with recent industrial data.

The difference between traditional and Visa Business Plan

A visabusiness plan is different to a traditional plan that you might create for a startup business or one that is looking to get a loan from a bank or an SBA program. There are certain components in a traditional plan that you would not need to include in an immigration business plan and vice versa.

Immigration business plans need to be more focused on the particular components your non-immigrant visa requires, which will be different depending on whether you are filing for an E2, L1, or EB5 business plan.

The common theme across each of the aforementioned visa categories is that employment of native workers is an important aspect to highlight and detail. In a traditional business plan you would detail current and future staffing levels, but really only in summary format, whereas for E2 or L1 Visa Business Plan, you will need to be more detailed with personnel tables and specific titles and bullet point job descriptions of current and future employees.

Likewise, the person writinga business Plan for E2 Visawould need to include their specific and detailed job description, and show how they are going to manage other managers and staff in an effort to operate and expand the local enterprise.

Duration of visa business plans

Not all traditional business plans require five-year financial projections, in some cases, three years is sufficient enough. However,for a visa business plan, you need to provide a five-year projection that includes balance sheets, profit and loss statements, and cash flow forecasts.

You will need to show the source of the funds to start up and support the business, and if necessary indicate where additional injections of capital may be necessary in the future. This often applies to more seasonal businesses where a higher percentage of their income is derived during certain months of the year.

Wrapping it all up

In summary, Immigration Services are looking for non-immigrant visa applicants to demonstrate to them that the business or franchise they are starting up or purchasing in the new country will be viable, and have the ability to be successful and employ native workers. They want to know that you have done your homework and that the business stands the best chance of success through careful planning. Visit:

Immigration business plan-What is it and why do you need one?


Plan for a new business

An immigration business plan is a document which is made because of the business you are buying or starting, and they include a variety of other documents which make up an entire petition and call for a foreign person to apply for a non-immigrant visa in order to live and work both in the United States of America.

E2 visa business plan

All the non- US immigrant visas are temporary in nature and all of them have an expiry and renewal date. It is the strict requirement of the U.S department of State and the United states Citizen and the immigration services for the foreign citizens and nationals to apply for E2, L1 or EB5 visa which includes a 5 year immigration business plan in order to support their request.

It is necessary that the business plan should be detailed and informative to meet all querries. It should completely analyze the situation, the competition and the local market. The financial status should include both the profit and the loss and the complete balance sheets.

Immigrants and Visas

According to the UN population confession there are about 200 million international immigrants. There are many infact half of these immigrants must be without their documents and must be illegal. There is an increasing trend of immigration lately. People are applying for speedy immigrations in order to go and experience the advantages of living in foreign countries. They also wish for citizenship in order to get secure retirement and continuous funds for their children’s education.

Almost 80 percent of the world’s immigration business plans are based on true documents and on financial aspirations. Hard working immigrants who follow the correct procedure, do complete research and do proper research are able to achieve immigration much quickly. Click here !

Traditional immigration plans and the U.S department

For traditional plans three years of planning is sufficient but for immigration business plans a five year is must. For immigration business plans you need to provide 5 year projections which include the profit and loss statements, the balance sheets and the forecasts of cash flows.

You should be able to provide the complete history of funds to the U.S department and they will tell you how much of the funds are going to be required in the future. The U.S department wishes that the non immigrants have the ability to prove themselves that whatever business or franchise they are about to start is promising, reliable and feasible. They should also be able to prove that the business they are about to start will be able to generate enough profits and will employ US workers. They want to know the kind of research which you have done and will expect that the business which you are about to start has complete chances of winning.


Not all immigration business plans require 5 years, there are some which can be done in even 3 years. An immigration business plan is entirely different from the traditional plan in the sense that an immigration business plan is more informative and the requirements for immigration business plans and traditional plans differ a lot. Visit this site for more information:


What Businesses Need to Know About Immigration Visas

Business needs to hire the talented foreign workers then they must have the proper knowledge of Immigration Business Plan. The businesses have to think properly before taking this step. This is because this is not easy at all and not cheaper as well.Following are the business plans that can be selected by the businesses.

For the hiring of mangers or executives

E2 Visa Business Plan is that type of vise plan that is mostly used when the business want to hire the foreign managers or executives as well.  Actually it is the investor type visa. If you want to start a business or do to franchising in the United States than this type of visa is the best option. In this way your business will groom more and you can also have the chance of enjoying the high quality living. You are being hired by a company as a manger than it will be easy for you otherwise youhave to submit your business plan along with this type of visa application form.

What is L1 Visa Business Plan?


Basically it is the intra company transfer of the mangers or the senior executives. Thistype of visa business plans are given to the selected candidates or qualified candidates who work for the multinational companies. They are given that type of visa because they are not leaving their company they are just moving to the US branch of their company. Applying for this type of visa business plan they can fulfill their desire to move to US and joining that branch of their company.

Direct investment visas

The visa that is included in the direct investment visa is known as visa for EB5 Business Plan. This business plan visa is good for those who are interested in the regional center investment project. This is also good for those as well who are also interested in the direct investment project. This is not a very difficult task. You just have to keep in mind that you have to put all the factors in your business plan that is essential part of a good business plan. In this way we will get what you are waiting for in an easy way without any trouble. Click here!

Seriously don’t be scared when you are making a Business Plan for E2 Visa. You just have to be a good developer of business plan and I am sure that you will gain this visa on the bases of your skill of developing a good business plan. You just have to be confident and have faith on what you are doing to reach your goal.

The conclusion of all this is that there are many type of business plans for different type of visas. You have to develop the business plan according to the type of visa you want for yourself. Businesses must have the knowledge of this otherwise they will be at loss and other will get success. To meet the requirements of the time businesses must know about Immigration Business Plan. Find out more in this site :

How To Develop an EB-5 or E-2 Visa Immigration Compliant Business Plan


Are you frightened by the idea of composing a business plan for an E2 Visa? It may be daunting, but it’s also an accepted plan if you want to get ahead. Immigration business plans can be a critical part in getting granted you Visa, and it’s not an area to slack off in. The vetting for such visas in very stringent and your business plan must stand up to the most rigorous of testing.

What do I need in an L1 Visa Business plan?

The guidelines for the EB5 business plan are laid out in all the key aspects via the Immigration Appeals Board Case, Matter of Ho. The fact is, however, that it’s simply a logical construct of the same business plan that all business owners should have in place anyway. A credible, good business plan should include several key points as per the below:

You E2 Visa Business Plan must demonstrate a clear description of the business, including service provided and what the business produces. Should it be a manufacturing or production business, you will have to clarify the procedures used, what raw materials comprise your inputs, and the places you get them from. More details in our post here:

What else goes into a business plan for E2 Visa?

Market analysis is a critical part of your L1 Visa business plan. You will need to look into competitors in your industry, strengths and weaknesses they offer, and you will need to go in-depth into the financial data. You will also need to identify and describe your target market, discuss existing business contract, terms and details. Make sure you also spend a decent amount of the business immigration plan detailing the permits, licenses and grants you may need in order to commence business.

You will also be well served by including details of your marketing strategy- details such as advertising, pricing and exact marketing channels you intend to peruse in your business immigration plan. You will also need to be sure you address issues of staff and financial data. Sales, expenses and costs, your balance sheet and cash flow as well as projection of income will be necessary. Likewise so will your personnel plan, current and future hires, pay, benefits and detailed job descriptions.

Making your immigration business plan is hard!

Yes. Creating a comprehensive E2 Visa business plan is incredibly complex and can be, as we mentioned, the make or break crux for your visa. It’s a speciality that requires a degree of expertise, and is very likely best left to a qualified professional to handle. This will become especially critical if you need bank financing or are making use of an immigration petition. Seek out a qualified and competent legal practice to help you make the best of your L1 Visa business plan.

Your EB5 business plan is a critical part of the visa application process, and it’s critical you make the right choices and include the critical information needed.


Want to Start a Business in the U.S. and Obtain an E-2 Visa? What Does the Marginality Requirement Mean for an E-2 Visa?

An E2 Visa Business Plan must exhibit that the speculation endeavor is more than a peripheral one, which implies that the business will give adequate salary required to bolster the candidate speculator and crew. More applications are rejected in light of the fact that the speculation is viewed as minor than taking into account the measure of the venture. In assessing whether the business meets this necessity, the Internationho-to-apply-for-e-visaal safe haven consular officer surveys both the proprietor’s pay from the business, and the effect of the business on the neighborhood economy, as a rule through the formation of employments Business Plan for E2 Visa.

How Productive does the Business Need to Be? 

To survey whether a business is negligible, the benefits must be evaluated. In the event that it gives all that could possibly be needed salary to the finance specialist and family, then it will meet this prerequisite. The variables incorporated into figuring out if a business is more than negligible could rely on upon the area inside of the U.S., where the business will be worked and the extent of the financial specialist’s gang. For instance, a normal family salary in Florida is as of now well over $60,000, so a business wage figure altogether higher than this is fitting.

All E-2 enrollment applications Immigration Business Plan would need to incorporate a nitty gritty strategy for success which sets out the organization’s budgetary projections for the following five years. The strategy for success is critical on the grounds that a very itemized and expert arrangement exhibits to the Consular Officer the validity of the financial specialist and the business endeavor.

For a current business a visa candidate would be relied upon to give a late business or corporate, government forms, which will demonstrate the yearly benefit created. On the off chance that the business has not been especially beneficial one year, the Government office may consider other apropos variables, e.g. a onetime lawful bill that year, or the way that the proprietors likewise attracted pay rates expansion to the benefits appeared.

It is critical for a forthcoming financial specialist to audit the organization’s U.S. business assessment form and late records. E-2 visa candidates require enough data to figure out if this business will be a decent speculation, and on the off chance that it is liable to meet the prerequisites of E-2 enlistment. An E-2 visa application will be surveyed to a vast degree on this data. Dealers don’t generally pronounce all their wage and able bookkeepers can discover approaches to restrict the merchant’s duty risk by diminishing benefits appeared. This can display an issue for an E-2 visa application. A business assessment form, in this way, demonstrating great proprietor wage from the business, is an amazing beginning stage however may not recount the entire story.

Speculators ought to be especially cautious with regards to surveying money related data, especially the individuals who are not experienced in maintaining a business. Speculators ought to converse with the business’ bookkeeper, and draw in a free U.S. bookkeeper to perform “due steadiness” on the business’ money related records. Picking not to do as such may demonstrate a false economy over the long haul.

Illegal immigrants statistics

Illegal immigrants statistics is an important topic in American culture and politics. Whether it’s an important topic in a presidential candidate’s platform or a source of debate in schools or during dinner conversations across the country, the topic is one that all Americans should stay knowledgeable about. Everyone should consider how illegal immigrants statistics affect American culture, politics, crime, economics, education and health, and how in turn these issues will affect the policies and laws that are put into effect at local, state, and national levels.

Current Illegal Immigrants Statistics

So who are illegal immigrants? Illegal immigrants are people who are in the country without governmental permission or who have remained in the country beyond the expiration date of their visa. In recent reports, the Department of Homeland Security estimates that the number of unauthorized immigrants in the United States is between eleven and twelve million. The Department of Homeland Security is responsible for providing immigration related services and enforcing federal immigration laws. The DHS estimates that 59% of illegal immigrants are from Mexico with El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and China rounding out the top five countries in that order.

Hot Topics for Illegal Immigrants Statistics

The most newsworthy topic regarding illegal immigrant statistics is the current case before the U.S. Supreme Court, Arizona v. United States. The justices will determine the constitutionality of Arizona’s most recent immigration laws. For the past few decades, states have gone in different directions on how to handle their unauthorized immigrant populations. Arizona’s recent laws are some of the most stringent in the country. The Arizona laws include laws expanding the ability of police to check immigration status during roadside stops.

The new laws also bar illegal immigrants from receiving in-state college tuition. Other states require K-12 administrators to check the residency status of their school’s students. In contrast, some states like Rhode Island allow illegal immigrants to accept in-state tuition. Most commentators say that President Obama’s administration has handled immigration issues with a mixed hand. The administration has set records with high deportation numbers, but most of those deported are illegal immigrants who have been convicted of a crime.see more related information about illegal immigrants at

A big portion of the debate centers on children born in the United States whose parents are not authorized immigrants. Some people support the idea that these children should be able to remain in the United States even if their parents only came to the United States for the purpose of securing their child’s citizenship. The Supreme Court has ruled in earlier cases that the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution guarantees citizenship for nearly all people born in the country, regardless of their parents’ immigration status. Some people argue that these children should be able to sponsor their relatives later, while others believe that only the children of these immigrants should be considered citizens. People on the polar end of the spectrum want to deport even those born here if their parents were here illegally when the child was born.

illegal immigrant.jpg

Both Sides of the Coin

People on both side of the debate want to make sure that all of the laws are applied fairly and without discriminating against any one class. Many disagree about which laws will support these goals and which intentionally or unintentionally cause discrimination against certain groups. Some people argue that illegal immigrants take jobs from citizens, increase the cost of medical care, and increase crime. Other people argue that illegal immigrants take jobs that most Americans will not do, add to our economy through their purchasing of goods and services, and add to the rich diverse culture of America. Most citizens know that a compromise must be reached that will encourage people to legally remain in the country and go through the legal process to gain citizenship.Undocumented Immigrant Population Levels Off in U.S,checkout this page.

5 Things To Include In An Immigration Business Plan

An immigration business plan can be applied for many different reasons. Often the business could be created and see some market in another country and want to begin in that state. The company could already be pre-established and wanting to expand to another location and in a different city. In many cases, there are a lot of differences when it comes to building an actual pre-authorized plan by the consultation  service or a business that always has some difference when it comes to incorporating itself into a different location The different business plans for an E2 visa business plan, an L1 visa business plan, and an EB5 business plan all have their own characteristics that will make them a little bit different. Building these business plans often have a few things in common.

Sans titre-2

  1. Cost Analysis document

A cost analysis document is basically an interest and a forecast of the projected sales and impact that the business might have in the market. While differences do include profits and sales along with a strategy, making some differences in the overall projections and changing the information that would be inquired about is why people hire businesses to produce these documents.

  1. Executive Summary

An executive summary is basically information that will come with a lot of the documents that are involved in building a projection for the EB5 Visa Business plan. In many cases, this will include all of the information in a table of contents that will provide the information and have different levels of summaries for each product that is being involved in the situation.

  1. 5-year financial projections

These five-year financial projections are included in the application for the VISA by the company and will be involved in building this information. Sales forecasting involves profit and loss statements with balance sheets thatare included. These documents are written by people who do investigations into the company and provide the growth documents.  A cash flow statement is also required from the company in order to prove its advantages in the marketplace.  This is appliedto the LI Visa Business plan along with the E2 and EB5. These are mandatory in these cases.

  1. Personal Plan

A personal plan is included in the E2 visa business plan, the eb5 business plan and the L1 visa business plan. These have a lot of information about the person’s direction and the amount of costs they might incur.  This will have an employee list, along with salaries for each employee and the amount of time the employee has been working at the company.  This information will also be included in the differences between the many applications. Job descriptions are also a vital part of this application.

  1. Web Strategy

The immigration business plan will also want to know whether or not the business has a web strategy and a marketing plan that can be incorporated into the workings of the company. This can be included as something individually as well.

More info in this link:

Who Is Interested In L1 Visa Business Plan?

Hundreds of people need to secure an L1 visa business plan in Manhattan in order to set their business up in the States; however, many simply don’t realize this is what they need. Many don’t think about visas or business plans when they want to live and works in America. However, it’s much harder than ever before to enter America and as a result, many enter illegally. That is why the right visas need to be found but who will be interested in an L1 visa business plan?

What Is an L1 Visa and Why Is It Needed

An L1 visa is a type of business visa that allows those wishing to start their business in America. This visa is required for those who want to start a small or big business but it’s an important visa to have. The bottom line is simple, for those who want to work and live legally in the U.S.A they will need to have an L1 Visa. There is no other option and it is certainly an important part of becoming a legal citizen of the U.S also. A Manhattan immigration business plan is required.

What Is Required For A L1 Visa Business Plan?

• A Short Introduction and Description about the Business Being Set Up.
• The Type Of Finance History The Business Had Previously In Another Country.
• Projects for the Upcoming Financial Year and Beyond.
• Information Concern How Many New Jobs Will Be Created Due To This New Business Is Also Required.
• How The Business Will Expand And Grow In The Future If There Are Plans To Expand Somewhere Down The Line.
• What Cash Is Available and Prove it’s Legally Yours.
• You Must Also Supply Information Over How The Business Will Benefit

America, Financially, If Allowed Into The Country.

These above points are the basics of a business plan however they are all important point that shouldn’t be missed. They are all areas which need to be explored and covered within a Manhattan immigration business plan. The authorities reviewing the plan needs to see all the basics and key areas covered so that they are completely sure they are dealing with a business man or woman who know what they are doing!

Why You Will Need To Take an Interest in an L1 Visa Business Plan

L1 Visa Lawyer

To be honest, if someone does want to live and work legally within the U.S. and want to set up their own business, they must go through the proper channels. One of those channels is to obtain the correct visa such as the L1 visa. However, with most visa applications, an immigration business plan is required so that the government sees what the business has to offer the country. The Federal government of America won’t let just anyone in; they want people who contribute to the economy and can contribute financially also.

Everyone Will Need To Create a Good Business Plan

Those who want to apply for a L1 visa needs to create a business plan also. These two go hand-in-hand with one another and most L1 visas are rejected without a business plan so it’s much better and a lot quicker to get things moving. However, it’s worth noting that not all applications are accepted and the government can be choosy because they want people who can contribute to the country also. A good L1 visa business plan is needed, so never forget that!need more details?go to

Who Is Interested In E2 Visa Business Plan?

Millions of people don’t think about an E2 visa business plan when they want to live and work within the U.S. Many think they can go into the States and start up their business and gain the American dream – which is true – but it needs to be done in the right way. There are quite a few different types of visas so it can feel very complicated to understand which is best. However, most people don’t realize that they need to create an E2 visa business plan but who is interested in business plans?read other latest post to get more information.

Who Needs an E2 Visa?

An E2 visa is specifically designed for people who wish to build a business in the U.S.A. This visa can allow those who want to start a small business from scratch or even buy into an existing business in the U.S. It isn’t a hard visa to acquire if the business looks very promising and the American government likes what the applicant and the business has to offer. However, a visa application must be accompanied by a San Francisco business plan for E2 visa.

Why Someone Needs A San Francisco E2 Visa Business Plan?

A lot of people do forget that to live and work legally within the U.S.A. they need to get a proper and legal visa. This can be very important because without the right visa, someone might not be able to live and work legally in the country. That is why it is vital to ensure the right visa is found and why a proper immigration business plan needs to be created also. Remember, the business needs to be able to offer something back to the country so the government is looking for promising businesses and that is where the business plan is more from

What Is Necessary For A Business Plan for E2 Visa?

A business plan does have lots of areas that need to be covered. They can vary but many people do find it hard to understand what needs to be added into the plans. Here are a few points that need to be included within a business plan.check more analysis from

• A Proper And Truthful Five Year Financial Projection
• A Brief Description Of The Business
• Market Analysis
• Organization Charts
• Web Planning
• Web Strategies
• Executive Summary

E2 Visa business

These are a handful of the most important things that should be added to the immigration business plan. However, the business plan needs to be thorough and very efficient too so that it speaks volumes about the business. A lot of people fail with the business plan because it’s hard to organize correctly however, it is really important that the documents should flow together so that it’s easy to read. It doesn’t need to be a thousand pages and there are areas that need to be short too.

You Need a Business Plan When Applying For an E2 Visa

Too many people don’t find out which visa is the right one for them and end up being refused entry to the U.S. However, even though there are quite a few different visas, finding the right isn’t too difficult. Consult with the lawyers and find out what visa is the correct one for you. Remember, most visas require an immigration business plan for those looking to start a business.